T minus 16 days….

Not that we are counting or anything.

Rally Preparation underway











Preparations are well under way.  And our entry has been accepted.  So we’re seeded at 46th out of 54 entries and 6th in our class (*cough* of 6 *cough) in Open 4WD.  But that’s perfectly ok for a first rally.  The aim being to finish.  Nothing more spectacular than that.

We’ve managed to find one person for a service crew.  Ideally another one still needed but we’ll just have to make do.  At least we can get the service gear back from Raglan now.

Another pair of new wheels and tyres are winging (driving probably) their way up from Christchurch.  That’ll give us 3 pairs of fronts and at least 4 pairs of rears for now.  If I can fit them in, then we’ll take that many.

Accommodation has been located and booked.

Making good progress but there’s still a very long list of things to do before we head off.