Not that we are counting or anything.                     Preparations are well under way.  And our entry has been accepted.  So we’re seeded at 46th out of 54 entries and 6th in our class (*cough* of 6 *cough) in Open 4WD.  But […]

T minus 16 days….

So, with 23 days left until the rally, I find myself with a slight issue of no service crew. Despite motorsport being thought of as a solo sport, it really isn’t. In the car, there are two of us, one playing with the knobs and levers and pretending I… I […]

Crew needed

I had this bright idea to start a blog to document some of my adventures and hobbies. Mostly for my own benefit, but if, along the way I end up entertaining others and creating some interest then that’s an added bonus. I’m Geoff and I’ve been photographing under the MotorDrive […]

Intro to MotorDrive Racing