2018. New goals.

Clearly blog writing shouldn’t be one of my goals since I quite clearly suck at keeping up with it.

However, I’m gonna try again.

So welcome to 2018, we’re only 1/3 of the way through the year so far, so why not do a blog.

Because we enjoyed Rally NZ so much last year and aren’t completely broke yet, we thought we’d step up the game this year and do two rally events.  Checking through the calendar, we settled on starting with Rally Whangarei.  A two day international rally somewhere up near the equator I think.  Checking the calendar, it turns out that it’s only 3 weeks away on the 4th to 6th of May.  Eeek.

Changes to the Motorsport apparel regs this year mean a who new set of clothing was required.  And for both of us, that’s the most expensive suit we’ll ever buy.  And the most expensive underwear also.  Oh, and most expensive boots.

So with the aim of at least looking like we know what we are doing, we’ve gone for the team look and matching (other than size) race suits.  Yes, Sarah can wear mine as a complete coverall including over her head.  Not overly practical though.

And just so the car didn’t feel left out, got some new shoes also.

Over the next couple of days we are racing over in the Wairarapa at the Tea Creek Wobbly Weekend which consists of a day, night, then another day set of runs up the Tea Creek Road.  Using this as a shakedown to make sure car and crew are ready.

Looking forward to it.  Videos hopefully afterwards if all the tech gear plays nicely.