Rally Whangarei count down

There are not many numbers left in the count down.
We head north in two days.  Recce in 4 days.  Rally start in 5 days.

Most of the To Do list has been completed.
Scrutineering passed happily with some minor suggestions to attend to.  One of which involved being under the car yet again wrapping the brake lines with spiral wrap for extra gravel protection.
Service crew has been sorted finally.  I think we’re on to about Plan C or D with various illness and family related reasons for Plans A & B falling through.

Fitted a couple of new things for Sarah to make her side of the car more usable.  Map pocket to put the road book in during stages and a footrest since she can’t reach the firewall with her feet.  Joys of being short.

Spares and equipment is being stacked up in the garage ready for loading.  Fuel calculations are being triple checked as the nearest BP 98 is a 2 hour return trip away from Whangarei.

Sarah has been baking up a storm, or at least some yummy race food at any rate.

The nagging thought is “what blindingly obvious thing have I forgotten?”

I guess we’ll figure it out, hopefully in time.