What a week that’s been. The weekend was busy with two first aid jobs, firstly quad biking on the Rimutaka Incline for the Incline half marathon run/walk.  That was quite wet all day but nothing particularly unusual.  Sunday saw the team head down to Brookfield Scout Camp to fill the […]

Shake, rattle and swim

It’s November.  Means a break for a few weeks after 6 events in 6 weeks.  Good for the budget.  And the various small jobs that need doing on the car now. For example, during some of the commuting to the further away events I started noticing some shuddering from the […]

Busy busy

It’s been a busy few weeks and feels like I’ve spent most of the time driving.  Not that that’s a particularly bad thing as I do like driving.  Handy given my main hobby. The last two weekends have seen us covering around 1200km in touring, firstly to TECT All Terrain […]

Road tripping

It’s been longer than I planned between blogs and I have been working on this on over the last couple of weeks.  Been a little bit busy with road trips, car repairs and events.  Plus that work thing that I have to do to pay for it all.  But here […]

Digital Revolution

Well, finally, after just under a month, I’ve managed to find enough time to complete box 1.  Still another 3 to go yet.  For those with good memories wondering what happened to the 5th box?  That’s just wheels and tyres.  They’ve been fitted and balanced already and are awaiting the […]

Box 1 is complete

G4, 36, 185, 362, VF28, VF30, VF37, 250,000, 1150. Just some of the numbers from the last 4 days. Starting with the biggest.  250,000 is about the number of kms I suspect the turbo has done.  It’s certainly the factory spec VF28 turbo, whether or not it’s previously been replaced […]

It’s a numbers game

One of the many things on the To Do list was to replace the front brakes as they were approaching end of life. Several phone calls later, mostly to Steve up at RaceBrakes, we settled on a new brand for me.  Previously I’ve been running Mintex 1166 compound pads on […]

Braking News

I’ve been doing a few build steps on the Porsche from time to time when I have a few spare minutes.  Made a bit of progress, but still working through box 1 so far. Mostly pictures today.  Clicking any of the thumbnails will being up a bigger image and you […]

Little bits and pieces

Motorsport is a fickle mistress. As noted in the previous post, the plan was two days of racing this weekend, firstly up north of Napier then a second day over in the Waiararapa.  Day one happened, but we had to withdraw from day two unfortunately with a suspected blown or […]

Just a little whine…

Haven’t done a lot more on the Lego Porsche build as I’ve been busy preparing for a gravel race weekend.  Two separate events over the two days and a whole lot of commuting. First up on Saturday is the Mokamoka Road rallysprint up in Hawkes Bay run by the Hawkes […]

Gravel Double Header weekend