Intro to MotorDrive Racing

I had this bright idea to start a blog to document some of my adventures and hobbies. Mostly for my own benefit, but if, along the way I end up entertaining others and creating some interest then that’s an added bonus.

I’m Geoff and I’ve been photographing under the MotorDrive Photography name for some years now. I don’t do as much with the photography as I used to. The time and expense of following so many motorsport events for little to no return was getting a bit much so I backed it off to be events and other topics that interested me. Realised a couple of months back that I hadn’t even picked up a camera for 6 months. Whoops. However I continued uploading content to my FaceBook page mostly in the form of in car videos taken from events I was racing at. That sees to generate some interest still.

So for this blog I originally thought about just documenting the motorsport I participate in but decided since I do one or two other things that may or may not be of interest, I’d include them when and as I have anything to share.

One of my main upcoming goals is to get the race car ready for a rally and actually finally enter one after 20 years of motorsport. So when it was announced that 2017 will see a version of Rally NZ being run, I found myself very interested and keen to enter. Without knowing much more than “there will be an event in 2017” I’ve made the decision to give it a good go to be ready for whenever it might happen. Ran some numbers in my budget, cringed, then worked out that it’s still potentially achievable. Fingers crossed.

So with that in mind, one of the main themes of the blog is likely to be the build project to get the car up to rally spec from where it is now in fairly stock clubsport spec. I’ll do another post introducing the car itself in the not too distant future.

So that’s all for the first post. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I do.