Lego Porsche

Several months back Lego made an announcement about an upcoming collectors kit being the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Pictures like this appeared online.

More investigation showed that it was going to be a highly detailed kit with over 2500 pieces.  I’ve always liked the Technic kits and this one appealed in that it was Technic and an iconic car that I like.  Pity they don’t currently make a kit of the awesome Group B Audi Quattro.
Wouldn’t this make an awesome kit?quattro

Decided to treat myself and get hold of one of these kits.  Turned out the release date for it was August/September, so at that stage, still a few months away.  Also that it would be around a $600 kit.  After then realising that it was going to be a high demand kit, I put it on Layby at Toyworld in Wellington.  Eased the pain of the overall cost and meant that I secured a kit for release day without running the risk of not being able to get there quick enough.

Plain Box




So yesterday (Friday) morning at work, I received a phone call from ToyWorld to say that the kits had arrived.  I think it took me approximately 5.2 seconds to decide not to wait until lunch time to go pick it up.
A nice plain brown box with the only clues being the Lego logos on each corner.





Opening the outer box the orchestra plays, a golden glow appears from within the box and the main box is revealed.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite like that, but it’s an impressive box, about the size of a large desktop computer case.








The underside of the box has even more detail on the kit.






Popped the hood to see what was under the bonnet.  Impressively laid out kit.  Each box is numbered and you apparently build each sub-box separately.  Box 1 is under the manual.







Speaking of the manual….
It’s massive.  Luckily, it’s not all build steps.  I’ve flicked through the first 37 pages which are some detailed history of both the real life car and the Lego model.  The remaining 540 pages, yes, 540 pages, seem to be build steps.  Ok, so this might take some time to build.  If the 2704 pieces wasn’t enough of a clue.

So, I guess this will be a series of posts as I go through the build process.  Hopefully I remember to take photos regularly as I go through.  I predict some late nights in my future as I end up knee deep in the kit.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here building a Porsche.  🙂